Technology and Planogram Compliance

April 5, 2020

7 minute Read

In the retail world, Planogram holds a lot of value and importance. It’s one of the basic entities that retailers around the world use to improve sales. Here, we explain this basic concept through visuals.

So, What is a Planogram?

Why is Planogram so Important?

Who Creates Planograms?

How do you create a Planogram?

What does POPProbe do?

Now Let Us Explain This Planogram Story Explained in Words:

When we enter a store, be it a big-box retailer or a traditional mini-market, what do we generally see?

In a small store, you will see products well-arranged within the space they have. And shoppers, probably less in number, interacting with the products.

In a big store, you will again see products well aligned and arranged but strategically placed in the larger space they have. You will see different types of shoppers interacting with the various SKUs/products present there.

This strategic placement of products is called Visual Merchandising (VM). In simple terms, it is a plan on how to place products in a store to attract customers and improve sales.

So, What is Planogram?

Basically, a Visual Merchandising plan put on a physical paper or a digital paper is called a Planogram.

A well-designed planogram helps the store managers and store staff arrange the products exactly as planned.

What happens if you don’t have a Planogram?

It will be operational chaos! Because a store manager does not have a planogram, they will be unsure of how to place products, where to place products, and why they are doing it.

Especially in big stores, where the manager has to communicate with staff on how products should be placed, it becomes a nightmare to get everything right.

Not only will they end up creating an unhappy workplace but most importantly a lot of store space gets wasted.

To top that the store comes under a high risk of losing customers, as shoppers will find another place to shop where products are well arranged and easier to access.

Who creates a Planogram and how do they do it?

So, we understand why it’s needed but who creates a planogram?

When it comes to small store owners, they do it themselves most of the time. They can also consult with an external visual merchandiser or an agency that can help them figure out how to optimize store/shelf space.

Big box retailers or suppliers have a Visual Merchandising team that works on creating planograms after they figure out the best strategy for the store.

And how can they do it?

There are quite a few software available if you are planning to create a Planogram. Smartdraw is one of them. On the contrary, you can also do a quick search on Google to find a long list of options. They are best for both individual store owners and corporate teams.

Or else they can even splurge a lot of cash and hire a visual merchandising team. Whichever works best for them!

Well, what has POPProbe got to do with all of this?

You see, with POPProbe, you can ensure your shelves and storage space are planogram compliant. Our application lets you create checklists to monitor and audit the in-store activities. The information gets to you or your team ASAP and on a daily basis. So you know how your in-store operations are carried out in real-time. Yes, you get to take pictures with the app and communicate instantly.

Through our chat option, store owners can easily communicate the designs to their staff within a short amount of time.

On top of that, our Intelligent dashboard generates reports instantaneously which helps in making quick decisions. Reports can be viewed by the head office team or even at the store manager’s convenience on the mobile app.

You can learn more about our POPProbe features and also how it helps in planogram compliance. Click on the hyperlink to learn more about Planogram Compliance and why it is so important.