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Streamline Your Daily
Retail Operations with POPProbe

Dive deep into features that streamline daily operations, enhance task management, improve employee communication, and optimize training tracking. Join us on a journey to unlock the full potential of your retail business. It's time to thrive with POPProbe.

Engaging & Affordable

Tons of features and manager tools, A versatile tool to meet your every need.

Create any form you need in minutes with an intuitive, simple drag and drop editor. Gather information from your team with advanced capabilities like image-capturing, location stamps, detailed dropdown lists, voice recordings, file attachments, signatures, and more.

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service feature image

Always Available & Up-To-Date

Digital checklists in one app on your phone.

With digital forms and checklists, your team has continuous mobile access to tools, forms, and resources from anywhere. No more dealing with data on sticky notes, outdated forms, or being delayed getting monthly results to corporate — every entry is sent and seen real-time from any team member, no matter where they are.

Real-Time Notifications

Be a cool company and cool manager by conducting your business from your phone!

Get things done faster with your forms, checklists, and reports in one place. Get real-time notifications on your mobile phone for every entry made. Track completion rates, set up auto-reminders for users, follow up with people that are yet to complete their forms and more advanced capabilities to simplify daily processes.

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We make it easy to say "Yes!"

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Dedicated Task Management And Communication Tools

More features to improve your productivity

Get more done with embedded communication capabilities such as in-app chat, push notifications, and updates. Utilize the dedicated task management tool to quickly and efficiently delegate one-off tasks to your team.


Reporting: Access extensive reporting about everything happening in your account, with a timeline to see all system actions and a report builder to dive into the details. Mass actions: Make administrative tasks a breeze with a variety of mass actions available across the platform. Security: Work on a platform big on security with secure communication channels and the ability to enforce strong passwords, add watermarks on videos, and more. API: Get the data you need with an extensive Rest-API to communicate with your learning portal. GDPR-friendly: Easily comply with GDPR by collecting approval, excluding users who have opted out of data collection in your reports, and allow users to self-delete.

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service feature image

Automated Reports

Automate your information flow and improve response times

Gathering information from your team is important, and so is keeping relevant stakeholders informed. Utilize the advanced distribution and sharing options to download and send automated Excel reports, get a PDF copy for every entry submission, integrable APIs with Business Intelligence (BI) tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Google Analytics and more.

Our Valued Partners and Clients

At POPProbe, we take immense pride in our strong relationships with partners and clients who have entrusted us with their retail success. The logos displayed here represent the collaborative efforts and shared achievements that drive our commitment to excellence. We extend our gratitude to each of these valued partners and clients for being an integral part of our journey. Together, we continue to shape the future of retail.

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Paper Cost

“By using POPProbe services we have saved 35% paper cost across all our outlets, and majorly it has made all our operations smooth, digital and easy.Now we can do our operations on the go with mobile and web.”

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Training Manager
Burger Singh

Travel Cost

“POPProbe has made our operations very easy and it has saved our training and travel cost upto 65%. Their LMS (Learning Management System) is a very great tool which has helped our business growth.”

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Training Manager
Belgian Waffle