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Engage your team like never before, strengthen your company culture, and improve your employer branding with POPProbe’s employee communication and engagement app.


Announcements, Newsletters, and Results in One App on Your Phone

A modern communication experience for you and your team

Whether you want to communicate with an individual, a team, or your entire business, POPProbe makes it easy to share visual, insightful, and engaging content. With advanced features such as pre-scheduled updates, social engagement tools, and automated follow-up capabilities – POPProbe has you covered all around.

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Surveys, Suggestion Box, Live Polls, and More, for Less than $5/month/user

Stay in the know and allow employee suggestions to surface

Ensure employees can make suggestions for improvement: Make decisions based on surveys and live polls, or launch a suggestion box to gather your team’s feedback.

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Work Messaging/Chat

Benefit from a secure and dedicated work messaging and chat tool

Work messaging and chat make internal communications simple and engaging with files, videos, GIFs, image sharing, audio notes, and more. Easily create group or team chats at a specific location, for a project or department, or simply private conversations. POPProbe’s Mesasging and Chat takes employee communication to the next level and preserves the separation between the private texting and work messaging.

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It's about processing and managing complex business data.

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Employee Recognition and Acknowledgment

Put team members front and center

Recognize exceptional performance and allow team members to nominate peers for awards. Celebrate with your team by sharing birthday wishes, anniversaries, personal milestones, and work achievements. Allow your team to take part and engage with each individual to show recognition, appreciate their role, and improve employee engagement.

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Employee Directory

Always available, simple to use, and fully searchable

Launch a work directory for your team with a single tap. Allow employees to search for any work contact via pre-determined profile attributes so they can easily make a phone call, send an email, or start a private message conversation without the need to save contacts in their personal apps.

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